Windows Se7en - The Redeemer

I recently installed Windows Se7en beta version on our HP Mini 1000 netbook and I am really satisfied with the performance. The HP Mini used to have the aging Windows XP SP3 but was corrupted after I installed Mozilla Thunderbird email software. Instead of me having trouble in preparing the Windows XP bootable USB drive from a Windows OEM CD copy, I have decided to try the Windows Se7en and boy I am glad in giving a try to the Windows Se7en beta version.

The performance of the HP Mini improved. The booting time and shutdown are also faster. (The installation only took around 30 minutes). Me and my wife were also surprised that the poor audio sound of the speaker (HP Mini 1000) improved compared to its previous state. It has now a bass sound. I'm currently figuring out on how to re-enable the mobile WWAN connection. I think I still have to download new drivers for the new Windows Se7en from the HP website.

I fell in-love with the new taskbar. Everyday, I use almost the same set of applications. Windows Explorer, Notepad++, E-Sword, Winamp (MP3), VLC(Movies), Windows Media Player(web streaming) and the Google Chrome (Internet browser). Using the new taskbar, you can pindown your daily-used applications for your ease of access. The taskbar is not cluttered anymore. Same window applications are "grouped" in their common application icon in the taskbar. The preview of the applications in the jump list is snappy and fast. (Learning the new taskbar may take sometime)

In watching the online web streaming
I enjoy using the new Windows Media Player 12.

I am totally excited with the release of Windows Se7en this coming October. I think we can also expect some surprises from Microsoft for additional features of Windows Se7en when they formally release it. I hope the upgrade from Windows Vista will be smooth as inserting a USB drive or CD. (I am still using Windows Vista in my other DELL Studio XPS 1340 killer machine)

Now, only the blind Cult Mac fanatics will refuse to bow down to Windows Se7en.
Let the new generation of OS war begin.
I will bet my dime to the winning horse, Windows Se7en.

Note: releasing the Snow Leopard weeks before the Windows Se7en debut
will not help in catching up with the number of Windows users/lovers.
Apple may need a faster animal than Snow Leopard.
How about releasing an OS named Cheetah next time?


Anonymous said...

"Same window applications are "grouped" in their common application icon in the taskbar."
Its copied from the mac "dock" you

what a close minded deluded person you indeed are. bashing an OS you yourself haven't tried.

close-minded deluded ka rin pala pagdating sa computer wekwekwekwek

Just so you know, I have both SL and 7. 7 is fast and actually faster on an mbp, but then, I'm not a bigot like you wekwekwekwek

tata bible thumper

Anonymous said...

tried windows se7en but its all greek to me, so we have decided to stick to win XP for a bit longer in our Greek Restaurant in Newcastle.

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