theKube MP3 player

I got a red petite and cute theKube MP3 player and this gadget rocks! I was surprised by the quality of theKube turns out to be. Really nice. I am a long time fan of my Palm TX PDA. I used to play my MP3 files by placing it on my 2gb SD Card and placed it inside my PALM TX and use pocket tunes. But listening to the quality of the sound coming out from theKube MP3 player really surprised me.

It seems that there's a sound beast inside this small beautiful theKube MP3 player. The bass sound is really good. Another great thing is you can play MP3 while traveling by placing theKube in your palm. You can easily navigate thru the songs, control volume by using just your fingers. Really handy. Unlike if your using Palm TX or iPod or iPhone that you have to put it in your (pants, shirt, bag) pocket and pull it out if you like to skip on a particular song.

I strongly suggest to everyone on buying the Kube MP3 player. The sound is really great. The MP3 player is very small and cute. Really cheap(S$35 @ 7-11 stores). It comes with a 2gb mini SDCard and USB reader so you can easily transfer songs from your PC to the mini SDCard. It can also serve as your emergency temporary storage.

Please also take note that the free earphone sounds also nice. It does not emit loud music to your sit mate in the office. Not scandalous inside MRT. The charging time (thru USB) is also really fast, around 1 hour, I have tested it. Although the documentation claims that it can playback 6 hours, I haven't tried it yet that long, but I can attest that it has a long battery life.

If you need a cheap (and yet beautiful) gadget that needs to serve as a gift, give your love one a favor by buying them the Kube MP3 player, it's worth it. No worries of dropping your MP3 player in the floor anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Please make a video of the device. is there a clip? if your working out, can it be attached to your clothing?

siti said...

hi.i will like to buy email me the details for the meet up.

bartleahdylan said...

I do not have much knowledge before reading this article about it but after reading the whole article I got very nice information from it.
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