Darwinism & Atheism: Nebraska Man

Darwinists / "Scientists" created the Piltdown Man scandal as a scientific hoax.
A hoax which aims to deceive many about the weakening Theory of Evolution.
The evidences of the Theory of Evolution are weak which forced some Darwin fanatics
to device a wicked plan to create a Skull of modern man + lower jawbone of an orangutan
to produce a scientific hoax. But this does not stop Darwinists
in forcing their faith about evolution. After the use of a jawbone of an orangutan, this time,
they used a tooth of a pig. Piltdown Man is over, now welcome the Nebraska Man.

A tooth was found by a rancher and geologist Harold Cook in 1917
and later he sent it to Henry Fairfield Osborn, a paleontologist and
the president of the American Museum of Natural History in 1922.
Henry Osborn identified it as an ape, and quickly published a paper identifying it as a new species,
which he named Hesperopithecus haroldcookii that means "ape of the western world".

The press quickly embraced the discovery of the tooth allegedly belonged to an ape-man and
published an illustration of a family of ape based on the tooth.
Amedee Forestier modeled the drawing on the proportions of
"Pithecanthropus" (now Homo erectus), the "Java ape-man", for the Illustrated London News.
It took 5 years for the Science communities to figure it out as a scientific mistake
after further excavations were done in 1925.

5 years to expose a scientific mistake is quite an improvement
compared to 40 years to expose the Piltdown man as a scientific hoax.
Although the scandal are more embarrassing because before,
the Piltdown man involves the jawbone of an orangutan but now,
the Nebraska man involves a tooth of a pig.

Yes, the scientific frauds about Theory of Evolution is truly evolving.
The mutation of the frauds and mistakes continually deceives many.
And the Natural selection of these evidences are becoming extinct
which can be explained by the growing aggressiveness of the Atheists
to defend their faith in Darwinism.

Great Scientists are not Atheists
Atheism is a religion

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