The Curious Case of Ota Benga

In The Name of Darwinism:
Piltdown Man
is a classic case of a Scientific hoax
Nebraska Man
is a classic case of s Scientific mistake
Let me introduce you a Scientific racism with Ota Benga.

Ota Benga was an African Pigmy, 23 years old, with Height, 4 feet 11 inches and of weight, 103 pounds.
He once lived in forests of Belgian Congo. He used to have 2 wives and 2 children but died on certain causes.
Ota Benga and other "primitive peoples" were put on display on a 1904 Saint Louis World Fair in USA.
He was sent to USA from Belgian Congo by an African explorer Samuel Verner.

After being displayed in 1904 Saint Louis World Fair, Ota Benga was sent to Bronx Zoo, New York City, 1906,
where he was caged along with a gorilla named Dinah, an orangutan named Dohung.
He was put in the world fair and eventually in the zoo to promote human evolution and Darwinism.
The exhibit attracted 40,000 visitors on weekends. People would poke, laugh and yell at Ota Benga
with their curiosity to the poor small guy. Imagine the feeling of visitors laughing and yelling
on a human being inside a monkey's cage, that would be unbearable even to this young man from the forest.

Protests were held by the black community which lead the Bronx Zoo to let go of Ota Benga.
Church-sponsored orphanage adopted Ota Benga and tried to put him in school and gave him a decent job.
Sadly, On March 20, 1916, at the age of 32, Ota Benga committed suicide with a stolen gun.
He was buried in an unmarked grave.

This is such cruel treatment of the evolutionists to a poor young "native" Ota Benga.
With their zealousness and being fanatic in Darwinism, they were able to forget human kindness
and put forward their animalistic treatment to Ota Benga.

Poor evolutionists.
Poor Darwinists.

Scientific Hoax: Piltdown Man
Scientific Mistake: Nebraska Man
Scientific Racism: Ota Benga
Scientific Fraud: Richard Dawkins

Man, Theory of Evolution is truly evolving.
What's next? That life came from aliens and not from God? (Directed Panspermia)

Great Scientists are not Atheists
Atheism is a religion

Scientific Hoax: Piltdown Man
Scientific Mistake: Nebraska Man
Scientific Racism: Ota Benga
Scientific Fraud: Richard Dawkins

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