Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Muslim Rebels

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I'm sure that the entire small members of the sect Iglesia ni Cristo will not gonna be happy to hear that their Iglesia Ni Cristo church in southern Philippines are being blasted by suspected muslim rebels. The Iglesia ni Cristo members are well-known for treasuring their churches very much. They treasure it very dearly. I know a high school friend who is a member of this small sect who often boast about their modern house of worship to convince me in joining their group.

Philippine Map North Cotabato.

For the past months, there are more than twice reports that Iglesia ni Cristo locale in southern Philippines are being blasted by suspected muslim rebels. In early January 2009, shrapnels destroyed the church windows after a fragmentation grenade was thrown inside the INC compound in Cotabato. No one was injured.

I just hope that the Iglesia ni Cristo will not do any violent retalliation attacks that will trigger any religious war between them and the Islam believers. Our Muslim brothers are also known peaceful unless their beliefs are not being disrespected by others. We can live harmoniously as along we can respect each others beliefs. (There's a report that the INC has already "tightened their security in Kabacan after two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were found" in INC church gate last November 2008) I hope Iglesia Ni Cristo can live up with the image they want us to believe that they are peace-loving Filipino Citizens. Let justice takes it course so we may live peacefully.


[video] Grenade explodes at Iglesia ni Cristo compound in Cotabato

Grenade explodes at Iglesia ni Cristo compound in Cotabato

Explosion rocks INC compound in Cotabato

Blast rocks Iglesia ni Cristo compound in Mindanao

Another improvised explosive recovered near NCotabato church

Security forces defuse bomb planted at Christian church in Southern Philipppines


INC sympathizer is defaming, maligning and spreading lies about me.

Since an Iglesia Ni Cristo sympathizer is maligning me as a Hate Monger ...

I have decided to pose the pictures below to show that I'm not the one who is doing bad things to others.
I have friends of different races.
I have friends of different religion (Catholic, Muslim, Buddhists, Freethinkers and even INC members).
The lies being propagated by the Iglesia Ni Cristo sympathizer is simply not true. The Iglesia Ni Cristo sympathizer is clearly out to ruin, defame and malign my name over the internet. If celebrities have stalkers, I have Iglesia Ni Cristo members who are out to destroy my name. I have learned my lesson in displaying my family picture in the internet which is currently being used by wicked Iglesia Ni Cristo sympathizer to destroy me.

Beware of these kind of people.
Beware of wicked Iglesia Ni Cristo members.
Beware of sharing photos in the internet,
you might be the next victim of Iglesia Ni Cristo sympathizers.

I have been a victim of internet harassment by Iglesia Ni Cristo sympathizers.

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