30 Rock and the Philippines and Filipinos


I love watching 30 Rock.
Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are really funny. I also like Jane Krakowski as a blonde comedienne who is hungry for attention among fans and co-workers (her role is quite similar to her previous role as an odd lawyer in Ally Mcbeal). I think 30 Rock is better than the Everybody hates Chris by Chris rock (I also love EHC btw). But one thing I'm curious about 30 Rock is it has a more than often it mentions Filipino-related remarks.
Pilot - Season 1 Episode 1
-Tina Fey wears a business dress and she said that it's ok if she's the President of the Philippines.
When I heard this remark, I did not feel anything because I really don't care about Gloria Arroyo. Her presidency is in clear doubt because of massive cheating in the election, rampant graft and corruption during her administration and her close ties with the family-run religious small sect Iglesia ni Manalo.
Jack Meets Dennis - Season 1 Episode 6
-Tina Fey was introduced by Alec Baldwin to a guy who got successful being mentored by Jack Donaghy. Tinay Fey thought she was being love-match to the guy. The guy said that he is already married. Jack said that the guy is happily married to a filipina gal.
This is quite a positive remark for Filipinos saying that the guy is happy with his life and being married to a Filipina gal
Do-Over - Season 3 Episode 1
-Tina Fey applied for baby adoption. The adoption officer walked around the studio and interviewed Liz' coworkers. Judah Friedlander, while being interviewed, said that "I think its a circus in the Philippines. The lions get nuts and attacks the older clowns." This is after he watched a tape of circus accidents.
This sounds like an awkward to me, it's a kind of a negative perception for the Philippines
Flu Shot - Season 3 Episode 8
Tina Fey is planning to have her vacation in Carribean island with a Filipino lover.
This is the most evident filipino-remark mentioned in 30 Rock so far. This is quite a positive mention for a Filipino named Banyani. I never met a filipino named Banyani in the Philippines though.

When I read the title of the 11th episode in the 2nd season is MILF island,
I thought the episode will about the Muslim group in southern Philippines. Instead, the episode is about a reality tv show starring sexy mommies on an island with young adolescents losing their innocence.

I wonder if the writers of 30 rock includes Filipino/s or do they have Filipino relatives or they just love filipinos. I just hope they do not hate Filipinos and do not mention Filipinos in a sarcastic way.

Anyway, please watch 30 Rock. It's really funny.
For me, 30 Rock is kind of a follow-up of the Ally Mcbeal series. Too bad that 30 Rock does not have a high rating in USA despite a lot of nominations and awards.



Drew said...

LOL I've been doing a 30 rock marathon and I noticed the same thing.. Baka nga may writer sila na pinoy or something :)

Lai said...

Perds, I do agree with you. I love 30 Rock and I also noticed the same thing. It's not only 30 Rock which gives comments to Philippines and Filipinos but others as well. Try watching Ugly Betty. You'll notice the same. : )

Anne said...

Okay, did you guys notice the big SPOON and FORK in Liz Lemon's office? Ain't it a Filipino thing? Maybe Tina Fey has a Filipino friend?
Pero madami talagang Pilipino sa Amerika XD

henzel said...

yeah..i want to know why is this? been watching 30 rock and the same as you guys, i also noticed and wondered why they mention a lot about philippines and filipinos..it is a good thing, though at least philippines is known over there..but am curious if there are filipino writers in NBC? or in this particular program..or producers..or tina fey has filipino roots? hehe just curious..thanks

Anonymous said...

I would surmise that it's because of Tina Fey's time in Chicago when she was in the Second City. Since Chicago has a relatively high population of Filipinos her exposure to them must have been great enough to inspire her to write about them or have her writers use those references. Just a hunch.

Riss said...

My friend is a writer for the show and he said they just do it for fun, b/c Filipinos are exotic to them and different. He said it is not bc they love pinoys (he said he does not know any). Tina Fey is not of Filipino origin.

Yvette Tan said...

Love your post. 30 Rock really does have an interesting way of mentioning Filipinos. I think it's all in good fun, even when we're being made fun of.

Btw, I do know a Filipino named Bayani, but he's in the US now, so the name is not farfetched.

Anonymous said...

Don't read into it too much. Maybe a writer is Filipino, maybe they know Filipino people, maybe they majored in Asian studies...
What we should take from this is that, yay, Filipino jokes and references are in an awesome show like 30 Rock. But that's really what makes 30 Rock so great; they make intelligent jokes and diverse references (not just Filipino references) in a TV world almost exclusively dumbed down and whitewashed. It's just too bad the cast of 30 Rock isn't as diverse as it's humor.

And regarding the giant fork and spoon, Liz Lemon shamelessly eats a lot. If all you thought about was eating wouldn't you want a giant fork and spoon on your wall too?

Anonymous said...

Tina Fey doesn't have Filipino Orinigin. But from reading her book bossypants she did mention Filipinos
It was when she and her husband took a cruise for their honey moon and she said 'There are some wonderful Filipinos who fold your towels in the shape of a different animal
every night. It might be an elephant wearing your sunglasses, or a duck wearing your sunglasses. It’s just
fun. Don’t overthink it.'

and also when there was a fire in the ship.

'My Chocolate
Mudslide is going down smooth when we hear the three bells. Bing. Bing. Bing. But instead of Dan Dan
the Party Man, it’s a woman’s voice and she’s breathing heavily. She sounds Filipina, if that’s even a
thing. “Bravo… Bravo… Bravo,” she pants.'

Anonymous said...

I'm a Filipino, and I think Tina is super funny. Mabuhay!

Filipino dating said...

Nice post , i love 30 rock

Yanaliao said...

I'm just doing a marathon now and I'm on my 2nd Pinoy/Pinay mention. When the show gave reference to Philippines this second time around I thought I should do a research if someone else noticed. Might be a Filipino writer in 30 rock x)

The Arroyo comment was just hilarious coz she dress like that-- like always. lol~

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