HP Mini 1000 - Blogger's Bestfriend

HP Mini 1000

stylish and beautiful
very light, very thin and very cute (will make other people envy)
keyboard size is fantastic!
the Intel ATOM processor is fast
battery life is 2-2.5 hours using e-Sword bible software

speaker and audio is really awful (less Bass)
webcam is dark (can be configured in Skype sessions)
no VGA output port
the external power cord is quite big for a small netbook

The good factors of the HP mini 1000 series are the ones
that bloggers need on their mobility and connection needs.
There's a DELL Latitude D630 (14 inch) notebook at my home but it's quite big and heavy.
I really don't consider the DELL Latitude D630 a laptop because it's very
seldom that I place it in my lap while using it unlike the HP mini 1000.
The HP mini 1000 does not heat up on your lap that much.

I think the 60gb hard disk capacity is enough for a netbook.
Also, the 1gb memory is fine for me because I'm not into gaming that much.
After I installed the softwares I need, the boot up time is less than 2 minutes.
Usually I just hibernate it for faster use.
What I will be using the netbook is for blogging and
watching barbie cartoons on the road for my 2 year old daughter.
I don't need a big capacity space for a netbook.

You should get a netbook because of you mobility and connection needs.

I am very pleased (and proud) that this netbook placed a SIM Card slot
hidden in the battery compartment. Instead of a USB connection to connect
to your mobile broadband connection,
you can insert the SIM card under the HP Mini 1000 netbook.
Really cool!

HP Mini 1000 SMS

And yes, I can send SMS message using my mobile broadband connection.
Using the HP Connection Manager (SMS Message Center), you can send and receive SMS messages.
After some browsing the net,
I was able to receive and send SMS messages by sending this message to my cell phone number.

AT+CMGS="hello world"+CR

With my Maxonline Ultimate PLUS mobile broadband connection with Starhub (Singapore),
which is 7.2Mbps download speed, watching Youtube videos is acceptable.

HP Mini 1000 + e-Sword + mobile brodband connection = Oh Yes!!!

I just hope HP will release a cable for VGA output (if it's still not out there).

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