Chinese Democracy

Chinese Democracy is finally here.
The whole list of songs from the album can be heard on GNR's MySpace account.

I listened to all of the songs all over again and I love it.
Am I going to buy it? Yes. I'm going to buy it on my salary day

It's a full-blown Rock N' Roll album.

I think it's not fair to expect this album to be as good
as the immortal Appetite For Destruction album
although The Chinese Democracy album delivered more than expected.

Don't mind those critics saying it's not GNR without Slash, Duff and Izzy.
Frankly, I didn't miss Slash on this album.
I love Slash but the guitar works on this album are worthy enough to be included on a GNR album.
I love Slash, Duff and Izzy but I think we should get over with it.
They're not with Axl anymore.

You should not judge the music of the album because of
- missing original band members
- 15+ years late
- millions of $ cost of production
- your preference about the taste of Dr. Pepper, etc, etc, etc.

The album as a whole is Rock N Roll.

Why 15 years late?
Why millions of $ was used in the production of the album?
Why a list of musicians is involved with the album?
Upcoming GNR reunion?

It took Axl 15 years to look for the right musicians to replace the former 'gunners'.
It took Axl millions of $ to get the right sound, productions and recording for the new album.
It took Axl to try a long list of musicians to fit for the MODERN Guns N Roses.
Should we expect a reunion in a near future? I think Not.

Critics and Mainstream media gave their negative opinions about the album.
Some of them even gave their "must have beens" in each and every songs from the album.
It's funny as if they know how to rock more than Axl Rose.

Not even Metallica's "return to the their true form" Death Magnetic album can match
the consistency and impact of the heavy weight mammoth Chinese Democracy album.
How I wish Metallica would also make a 15 years absence from the limelight
to produce a better album compared to their previous albums (Load, Reload, St. Anger, Death Magnetic)

Metallica is Metal.
Guns N Roses is Rock and Roll.
The impact of the Chinese Democracy will be much more noticeable to the fans and music industry
compared to Metallica's Death Magnetic. Metallica made Unforgiven III?
Don't you think we had enough of the Unforgiven songs already?
Luckily, Axl Rose didn't make a 3rd version of Don't Cry here.

Man, you've got to love Axl Rose's voice throughout the album.
Just like Chucky (the wicked doll) said: A TRUE CLASSIC NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE.

If you are used to listening Metallica's previous offerings,
If you are used to listening Radio songs for sometime already,
If you watched too much musical movies already,
Chinese Democracy Album maybe hard to accept for a while, it will take some time.
Just think of yourself who has a sickness of listening mediocre music for the past years.

Chinese Democracy Album maybe the shot in the arm that you need.
Chinese Democracy Album maybe the bitter medicine that you need.
and hopefully,
Chinese Democracy Album maybe the music album that can answer the global financial problem
we are all experiencing right now.


Rock on!

Here's the track listing:

01. Chinese Democracy
02. Shackler's Revenge
03. Better
04. Street of Dreams
05. If the World
06. There Was a Time
07. Catcher in the Rye
08. Scraped
09. Riad n' the Bedouins
10. Sorry
11. I.R.S.
12. Madagascar
13. This I Love
14. Prostitute

So Far, I love all of the songs from the album
but some songs stands above from the rest for me:
Better, Street Of Dreams, If The World, There was a Time,
Catcher in the Rye, This I Love

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