Jehovah's Witnesses Blood Transfusion

Jehovah's Witness mother dies
after refusing blood transfusion after giving birth to twins

Boy Who Refused Blood Transfusion Dies

Fighting the curse of the face-eating tumour
(refused all surgery because the operation might require blood transfusion)

Blood transfusion saves lives.
Thousands and Millions of lives have been saved by blood donation.
The bible does not explicitly prohibits Blood transfusion or Blood transplant or Blood donation.

What the bible prohibits is eating/drinking blood.
As written in ...

But that we write unto them,
that they abstain from pollutions of idols,
and from fornication, and from things strangled,
and from blood.
Acts 15:20

There's nothing wrong if your child needs blood and
you permitted the doctor to do the needed blood transfusion.
Pick: Blood transfusion for your child or you will allow your child to die?

There's nothing wrong if someone needs your blood and
you donated your blood tho those who needs it.
Pick: Blood transfusion for your child or you will allow your fellow man to die?

Maybe our friends from Jehova's Witness need some enlightenment.

Who knows?
Hopefully, the Watch Tower Society may again change their minds
just like how they change their false prophesies before.

Controversies regarding Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood

The Kind of Witnesses the Jehovah’s Witnesses Are

1 comment:

ADDherent said...

I saw your comment on Bro. Eli Soriano's blog and followed your link ... then I saw these photos ... and man, that last pic is bloody awful!

I felt sorry for that poor guy with bulky tumors. Same with the other victims of JW's ABSURD teachings.

I felt even more sorry for those sick and cruel minds responsible for that guy's face.

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