Quicksand Jesus

Skid Row

The song Quicksand Jesus is such a very deep beautiful song by Skid Row.
It features the superb singing prowess of Sebastian "Baz" Bach.
The song obviously have a religious meaning and quite hard to explain.
Actually the entire song is quite is easy to understand,
what took me sometime to comprehend is the phrase "Quicksand Jesus".

To even complicate the meaning of the song, Skid Row made a music video for this song
which explains the verses of the song but not the phrase "Quicksand Jesus"

The music video

quicksand jesus

In the video, there was a child who had a seed on her hand and planted it.
The girl also found a rosary.
The seed grew as a strong and beautiful tree, and the child grew and turns out to be an old grand mother.

As the video near its ending,
the grand mother handed over the rosary to a girl(presumably her grand daughter) beside the tree.

In my interpretation, the video completely explains the verses of the song.
It's about handing down faith to the next generation.
It's about sticking to the true religion that was your parent or grand parents have taught to you.
The rosary in the video represents the faith.
Not necessary the faith as Roman Catholic but the faith to a true religion and faith to God.

"What do we need where do we go when we get where we don't know
Why should we doubt the virgin white of fallen snow
When faith's our shelter from the cold"

Quicksand Jesus

quick sand

The phrase "Quicksand Jesus" is the "Jesus" that people turn to as a last resort when they are already in a deep trouble instead of calling Jesus as their first priority. This always happen to the rich people who have a lot of money to pay good doctors to heal their sickness. But when the doctor says that there's already no hope then they will call Jesus to either blame Jesus for the sickness or ask forgiveness when they are already dying.


And he is before all things,
and by him all things consist.
Col 1:17

Quicksand Jesus

She caught the melting sky.
It burned but still the winter passes by and by to the other side
A slow parade of wind that blows through trees that wilted
With the season's children
Are we saved by the words of bastard saints? Do we live in fear or faith
Tell me now who's behind the rain

A maze of tangled grace
The symptoms of "for real" are crumbling from embrace
But still we chase...the shadows of belief
And new religion clouds our visions of the roots of our souls

Are we ashamed of our own fate
Or play the fool for our own sake
Tell me who's behind the rain

What do we need where do we go when we get where we don't know
Why should we doubt the virgin white of fallen snow
When faith's our shelter from the cold

Quicksand Jesus I'm so far away without you
Quicksand Jesus I'm so far away without you
Quicksand Jesus I'm so far away...away
Quicksand Jesus I'm so far away

Quicksand Jesus I need you
Quicksand Jesus I believe you
Quicksand Jesus I'm so far away


Ephies said...

Nice explanation, thank you..

Anonymous said...

A clear and concise explanation! Thank you! More people should take heed of what this song really says!

TruthFit said...

BEAUTIFUL! the phrase "quicksand jesus" always made me wonder. ever since the first time i heard it back in 91.

where did you get the explanation from it? has sabo, scottie hill, or rachel bolan gone on record?

josepherdon said...

I'm not sure if any of the member from Skid Row have explained Quicksand Jesus. The explanation above was the answer to a puzzle I have been thinking about long time ago.

Thank You for visiting my blogsite.
Please come again.

Keep Rockin

Anahid said...

That's a good explanation of the phrase "quicksand Jesus." Thanks!

Anonymous said...

great work ! (Im not north american , forgive me if you dont understand what Im about to say).I think that Skid Row has a lot of songs with a deep meaning .For example : "In a darkened room" "Wasted time" .. I have watched "Wasted time" video,and it looks like is about a Sebastian Bach's friend , who wasted his time on drugs.Its really interesting, Bach wrote wonderfull songs I have done a research on "In a darkened room" but still I cant figured out , what it is about .Im really curious ! If you found something , let me know , ok ?? Thanks

Anonymous said...

In a Darkened Room sadly is a song about child abuse.

Listen to the lyrics and you'll know what I mean.

'In a darkened room, beyond the reach of God's faith, lies the wounded, the shattered remains of love betrayed.'

Jeremy said...

I totally agree with the explanation and would like to add that a comma is implied b/t the word quicksand and the word Jesus; i.e. Quicksand, Jesus.

It's a call to Jesus in a time of trouble; not an adjective describing Jesus.

QUICKSAND! Jesus... I'm so far away w/o you.

Anonymous said...

Definately agree with Jeremy above. This was my favorite song immediately when the Slave to the Grind album came out. It kinda amazed me that the song was a popular as it was considering it was so directly speaking about faith. You also have to keep in mind that in most cases, some director makes the video in most cases, not the band. Not taking into account the video at all, the song itself is a simple testament of faith. Descriptions of the wonders of nature that alone are testaments of God...first verse being a description of a winter sunset, on to the marvels of the coming and goings of seasons and nature around them. Its simply saying that the wonders of God are poured out everywhere for us to see, but we get so easily distracted by things that we wander away from that faith, even though its always staring us in the face. Quicksand is the description of what happens when we drift away from that faith, from God. We're sinking, and unable to save ourselves.....

"What do we need where do we go when we get where we don't know
Why should we doubt the virgin white of fallen snow
When faith's our shelter from the cold

Quicksand, Jesus, I'm so far away without you"

Alex Rein said...

Thanks for the explanation,
I Totally with you

Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. Been trying to figure out what the song meant. Quicksand, Jesus! I need you! I believe you! It's a cry for help. I finally get it. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Also agree..

"Quicksand Jesus" is a little more lyrical than "tea bag Christians" - who only prey when they are in hot water.. but the meaning is the same.


redwhitecross said...

thanks man for the explanation. one of my 90's nostalgia moments. at the time i was only teenage and take less care about the lyrics. not only a good mellow song but Quicksands Jesus give a deep meaning.

Anonymous said...

Saw them perform this song in St Louis at the fox theatre. I was blown away. Tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat! Hands down one of the most amazing things I ever witnessed!

Anonymous said...

Great explanation man . Thanks a lot , and I agree with your explanation


Aaron Watson said...

I have wonderd about the meaning of this great song by a great band I totaly agree with his explaintion of the meaning of the song. Thank you.

Here is some trivia you may or may not know.
Skid Rows second album is the first heavy metal band to have there album hit number 1 without even being heard first.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I knew this song was deep and had a very apparent meaning but I could never figure it out. I call them Barbie Christians who turn to. Jesus for the new house or car or thing they want but never turn to him out of love and desire to live by his example. Thanks for this I just couldn't put two and two together with this song. But since you explained Quicksand Jesus as a term it all makes perfect sense now. Thanks again.

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