BATAS party-list

With the aim of helping people thru FREE Education, passing laws which are pro-poor and to represent Filipinos on the Congress, BATAS party-list was formed. Members of Church Of God International (more well-known as ANG DATING DAAN) agreed to its good intention. The BATAS party-list nominated "KUYA" Daniel Razon as their first nominee.

When the election season started, BATAS supporters decided to make a history on making the Longest Caravan while campaigning for the BATAS "plataporma". Man, we were really happy and proud on that day. A very peaceful and orderly caravan was held. And after the smoke has been cleared of the May 2007 National election, one-seat in the congress has been reached by the number of supporters of the BATAS party-list. Which means that the first nominee of the BATAS party-list will represent it's supporters in the Philippine Congress.

Sad to say that Comelec wasn't sure of their mind and decided to disqualify BATAS party-list after 6 months of winning the election. What can I say about Comelec?

With the reputation of Comelec for the past years, this is not a surprise.
Hello Garci,
Lintang Bedol,
Perpetual election problems,
unpaid school teachers,
Anomalous Comelec Computerization project,
former, Comelec Commissioner’s connection with ZTE project
When a candidate cheated and called a comelec commissioner during election was allowed to seat on a position,
When a candidate who won fair and square but was not allowed to seat on a position,
what credibility can Comelec expect?

What more can we say?

The Forum Sept-Oct 2004

BUHAY, CIBAC and ALAGAD are linked with religious formations. BUHAY Rep. Rene M. Velarde is the son of El Shaddai leader Mike Velarde. Rep. Emmanuel Joel J. Villanueva is the son of the Jesus Is Lord Movement evangelist Eddie Villanueva. Rep. Rodante D. Marcoleta belongs to the religious sect Iglesia Ni Cristo.

On the Sept-Oct 2004 edition of The Forum (Official Newsletter of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, it enumerated the different party-lists that are linked to different religious organizations.

BUHAY - El Shaddai
CIBAC - Jesus Is Lord Church
ALAGAD - Iglesia(daw) Ni Cristo

What's happening in this country? You tell me.

The BATAS party-list supporters want some change.

Yes, we proudly went out on the streets and showed our support for a party-list that wants to help government in helping people, provide FREE education and many other things.
Government can't do it alone.
Government needs help.

Being disqualified on the political arena cannot stop us from reaching out to our needy countrymen. Just what like "KUYA" Daniel Razon have said, with or without a seat in the congress, we will continue to do good and show what good things our organization can do.

We are not like some religious fanatics who went out on the street on the eve on Labor Day of year 2001 and made a violent protest to overthrow a president. We are not that desperate. INC members were injured/died on the violent EDSA 3. Now this is something that INC cannot be proud of.

BUHAY and CIBAC are evidently associated with their respective religion counterparts.
How about the link of Alagad Party-list to Iglesia Ni Cristo?

Iglesia Ni Cristo members continually distance their support to the ALAGAD party-list?
Why should they not OPENLY voice-out their support to a party-list which the representative is an INC member?
If Alagad party-list was formed to help the Filipino people,
why that Iglesia Ni Cristo is distancing their support for it?
Is there something to be ashamed of being connected to the ALAGAD party-list?

Why is that Iglesia Ni Cristo not proud of their support to ALAGAD party-list
they're unshakable support for GMA is very evident?

I cannot fathom it.

A lot of MORAL issues are surrounding GMA,
even the presidency itself of GMA is in question,
Iglesia Ni Cristo STILL supports GMA?
Is this the moral standard being used by Iglesia Ni Cristo among their church?

BATAS party-list was disqualified by the Comelec, not by the people.
So what if BATAS was disqualified by the Comelec?
This will not stop us from doing good and helping our countrymen?

You want a FREE RIDE on the train of people who wants to do good?
Come with us.
We're not going to stop.

Fasten up you head belts.
It's time to Ride the Skies.
It's time to be immortal.
Cause HEROES never die.
---Megadeth (Blood Of Heroes)

Please read this for you to be aware about the FREE stuffs being offered by ANG DATING DAAN on our country men.

BATAS crowd
BATAS power
BATAS stage
Jay Sonza@BATAS
BATAS representatives
KUYA Daniel@Batas

Pictures was provided by Bro. Rovic

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