Megadeth The Aftermath

I arrived at the concert venue at around 6:45pm. The Concert is scheduled to start at 8pm. Before looking for a nice spot near the stage, I bought a Megadeth T-shirt(Tour Of Duty 07 Event Tee) which costs S$35. I was lucky enough to have a good spot near the stage. Patiently I waited up to around 8:30pm before the show started. I am thankful that there were no support band. I'm expecting to see ONLY Megadeth, nothing more. I jumped when I saw Dave Mustaine, Glen Dover and James Lomenzo entered the stage while riffing Sleepwalker. This is my first time to see Dave Mustaine Live. I am very near the stage!!! I was initially planning to take down notes on my PALM TX to document the songs that they played in exact order but decided not do it. I preffered to sing, slam and head bang while the mighty Megadeth is performing. I liked James Lomenzo's enthusiasm on the stage. I find Dave Mustaine's skipping feet while walking around the stage very cool. I sweated a lot. The new Megadeth shirt that I bought earlier is really wet and I'm enjoying it. I was really surprised that Megadeth played the Holy Wars + Mechanix + Punishment Due. REALLY COOL. It appears that Dave Mustaine really enjoyed the Singapore crowd.

My only regret was not able to bring any camera. I thought that the concert promoter will be strict. But inspite of that, I really had a great time watching Megadeth Live! There's no doubt in my mind that if Megadeth will be returning here in Singapore, I will watch again and will be hoping that I can watch it with my wife.

I remember that when I was in the California USA, I was not able to catch Megadeth on their concert in Anaheim. Lucky that I was able to catch Megadeth here in Singapore. Megadeth Rules! Dave mustaine Rules!

Dave Mustaine speaks after the Skin Of My Teeth...

"Good Evening, alright it is such a privilege to finally be here playing for you tonight.

When we're flying in this morning I was looking out the window of the airplane, and I was looking at the ground and I was looking at the buildings, I was looking at everything here and I thought fuck this is a beautiful country. You know Megadeth is one of those bands that will play anywhere so if the promoters will bring us there and we've played some places that are pretty much disaster areas. Coming in to town today, I want to tell you something, I feel like I am right at home.

I do want to say one thing before we go any further, for those of you that have heard we're going to cancel because of the fires thats in California, in San Diego. The fire's thats in San Diego, my home, James's father home, is in San Diego. The fires are ok and as you can tell with me standing here in front of you, we did not cancel.

And one thing you got to know about me, and about Megadeth, is its going to take more than my house burning to the ground, to ever cancel for you..."


" Man, I wish for one second that you can stand here with me and see how beautiful you look.
And I want to tell you something, so far since we left United States and came over here, we played Thailand and Indonesia, and we did not play She Wolf for them so you got an extra song. And I was talking to the boys backstage and I said - you know what, I got a feeling this could be one of those nights and we probably will play some extra songs tonight, (mega cheers from the audience ) ......... and of course they say no. (mega depression from the audience)

I'm just kidding, so I dont want to fuck around anymore, I dont talk a lot in concert because I dont think you pay to comr here for this concert and listen to me talk. I think musicians who stand up here and waste your time by talking are fucking losers. So we're going to play as much as we can right now. We got about six more songs and then its off to the hospital "

Thanks to microdeth for the pictures

Take No Prisoners
Wake Up Dead
Skin O' My Teeth
Washington Is Next
A Tout Le Monde
Darkest Hour
Hangar 18
Gears Of War
She Wolf
Kick The Chair
Tornado of Souls
Ashes In Your Mouth
Never Walk Alone
Symphony Of Destruction - Ext.
Peace Sells - Ext.
Holy Wars + Mechanix + Punishment Due

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