A Free cool tool for Oracle T/SQL development

SQLpal is way better than Oracle's SQL*Plus. SQLpal is much easier to use. SQL*Plus is quite boring compared to Microsoft's SQL Analyzer. But with the SQLpal, this free downloadable tool from http://www.sqlpal.com/ is easy to use and basically no installation needed. Just download the zip file, unzip it, execute exe file, enter your credentials to your Oracle Server and then your ready to go. You can even export your retrieved records to an excel file. You can also view your history of commands if you're too lazy to type long T/SQL commands. Editing PL/SQL functions, procedures and packages is easy as a-b-c.
Having problem setting up TNSNAME.ORA? Fear not. I have tested it, as the website of SQLpal claims,
this cool tool do not need TNSNAME.ORA and Oracle Client.

If you want faster development time, get cool tools. In my experience, using SQLpal have greatly enhanced my development time compared on using SQL*Plus. Other commercial tools for Oracle development maybe better but the best thing about SQLpal is it's price, because it's free. And no installation needed.

Syntax highlighting (in Scratchpad tab) feature is also cool.
SQLpal is so lightweight with a lot of cool features.

I just found an annoying bug on SQLpal. Just don't ever try typing a [.]period in the Scratchpad tab because SQLpal will hang. Besides that, overall, SQLpal is a must use tool for low-budget IT project involving Oracle database.

funny thing is,
your project probably have a big budget for using Oracle instead of Microsoft's SQL Server


Bro Jun said...

From the screen shot parang SQL plus din pero mas mukhang matured kasi grid ang output nya unlike SQL plus.

Mukhang SQL hard-coder ka bro :)

TOAD is also cool. But it will make you lessen your SQL skills pag puro yun ang ginamit mo.

Nakapag Oracle din ako 3 years ago (Oracle 8i) pero nalimutan ko na.

Anyway, nice post :)

Anonymous said...

When you type a . SQLPal queries the schema so that it can show you intellisense. It is not really hanging.

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