A Dream and Reality on my Journey

Today is my last day here in Accenture ( Manila )

I'm off to a greener pasture. (mas malaki talaga ang sweldo, grabe!!!)
Land of Milk and Honey

It's a kind of work na well-compensated talaga ako in every little thing that I do

It's a kind of work na marami talagang mag-aapreciate ng work ko

Yes, even my new manager told me that I should have made the career shift a long time ago, there's a lot of big projects lined up for me he said

Indeed, this is a dream come true to me

I know with my talent and good looks, I WILL MAKE IT!!!

My new career I'm talking about is being the newest Artista sensation in show business.

Boy Abunda (my new manager) called me yesterday that 2 movies and a fantaserye are being
prepared already just for me. I answered him that was great, as long as no frontal nudity and
no sexy posing on any magazines is fine with me. I told him that my moral standard is high.
Boy Abunda is also negotiating with the top ABS-CBN executives to allow me enter ang Bahay Ni Kuya.
Actually, I'm starting to have some doubts on how Boy Abunda is handling my young career as Artista.
Probably I should have accepted instead the offer of GMA7.

Finally, my career is really shinning on my way.
Years of countless diet and beauty secrets are starting to finally pay-off.
I will now be able to purchase a condominium unit and a luxurious car.
And if my new movies will be a blockbuster hit, I can run as a Senator kapag nalaos na ako.

Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh, hindi ko na kai lan gang sumali pa sa mga Starstruck na yan para maging artista eh.
With my looks and a help from a baklang manager, sisikat talaga ako sa pagiging artista eh

Yan po ang panaginip ko kagabi on the eve of my last day here in Accenture Manila. (joke)
Now back to reality

I really enjoyed my stay here in Accenture/Avanade/UHG.
There are some people and teams worth mentioning in this departure (and passionate) letter of mine.

In Avanade, being part of Avanade Manila from the start of January 2005,
there are 2 managers that I really look up to.

Luis Gamboa and Carlo Bautista.
If I consider Luis Gamboa as the Bill Gates of Avanade Manila then
Carlo Bautista will be the Steve Ballmer of Avanade Manila.
The passion for technology and enthusiasm of these 2 managers are really way above the ceiling.
If anyone will say that Avanade Manila is moving and growing too fast, probably you're moving too slow.

Bruin Team
Today is my last day here in Accenture Manila.
I'm wearing a sky blue polo shirt and a sky blue BRUIN cap (bought from US).
This is my homage to the US/Manila Bruin team.
The Bruin project was technically challenging.
It was also the team that I first tasted in my entire developer-life the night shift.
The (short) night shift was fun but not that great.
Technical knowledge was both challenging and rewarding in Bruin.
Noel Belarmino is a cool decisive Manager.
He was always there whenever a team is facing a problem or crisis.

UHG-Ingenix Team
On my estimate, the average age of the Ingenix team members would probably be around 23-25 years old.
Nhatz Rosal and Iscious Gabriel look young for a Manager.
Aren’t most of managers in Accenture look young?
I think most of the team members are newly grad or are still young on their professional career.
This is good.
As a matter of fact, this is great.

New ones are always hungry.
Wanting to learn more.
They have passion.

Metallica recently is receiving fierce criticism from their loyal fans (including me) for being soft on their
metal music nowadays. Being old is not an excuse. You can still be passionate even when you're old.
I have read a quote from the internet which is really fitting to Metallica.
When Metallica was not that famous, their music was very heavy.
Metallica was hungry for attention, hungry for fans and hungry for music.
After Metallica tasted success, Metallica rested on their laurels.
As result of the beast inside Metallica's success, problems occurred within the band.
James Hetfield had alcohol problems.
Divorce for Lars Ulrich.
Jason Newsted left Metallica.
Kirk Hammet has no guitar leads on St. Anger album.
OHHH, the perils of too much success.

On the book,
BAD BOY BALLMER The Man Who Rules Microsoft
by Fredric A lan Maxwell

Page 204 states: "By 2000, Ballmer faced a different problem most managers never have to deal with.
The Harvard Business Review estimated that about 30 percent of the forty thousand Microsoftians
were millionaires-about twelve thousand people. How do you motivate millionaires?"

Sometimes, success and wealth tends people to be lazy and go easy.

Did success stopped Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer from doing innovative IT solution?
As the book author Fredric A lan Maxwell have said in his book,
Steve Ballmer loves competition.
Bring it on.

Stay Hungry but not greedy.
Kudos UHG-Ingenix!

This morning, my cute (9-month) baby girl was crying, wanted me to carry her in my arms.
I told her, “Isang araw na lang.” (as if she already understands me)

From Monday-Friday, morning was the only time that me and my baby have a bonding time.
But I always make sure that we're together during weekends.
(I hope that explains my absence in company outings)

Challenge is good to keep your competitive spirit in high level.

And I found out that changing diaper for baby needs more skill than Object Oriented Programming.
To stop baby from crying is far more challenging than making your .NET code running.
Taking care of your baby needs your better performance than inserting tons of records to your database server.
And yet, having a baby is more rewarding and more compensating.

Yeah! There are better things in life which are free.
But we also need to work.

Take everyday life as a challenge.
Always keep a smile on that happy face.
Look at the deeper side of life.
Read the Bible.
May you find happiness and success that really matters

thank you po.

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Sinag said...

just letting you know, that someone reads your blogposts. :-)

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