Misery, Lunacy, Stupidity


During the golden days of Magandang Gabi Bayan (MGB) hosted by Noli De Castro, an episode of MGB have stuck to my mind which is about a poor janitress who found a bag full of money (and jewelries) at the airport where she is working. She decided to return it to the airport officials so the proper owner can retrieve it. The owner offered a reward money but she declined it. When the janitress' husband knew about what happened (thinking about the bag full of money and the reward money), he got mad, made some atrocities (going home drunk, physically abusing the wife and children) and eventually leaving the janitress and their children. So she went on to her life, asking her neighbor to watch over her kids while she's working as janitress at the airport. While she's at work, she doesn't know that her neighbor to whom she asked to watch over her kids, is molesting her children. She was devastated when she found about it after the confessions of her children. Alas, it was the same time that they're being evicted from the lot where her shanty stands because she was just living on a squatters area. The end of the story is that she went crazy, walking on the streets as a TAONG GRASA. MGB helped her in putting her to a proper caring house with medical attention and extended some help in finding her children.

(this is how I remember how the story went, but even if this story is a fiction, this can make a block-buster drama movie that can be properly portrayed by Ms.Vilma Santos) I prefer Vilma Santos than Nora Aunor.

(from the movie 12 Monkeys) Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis while inside a mental hospital, Brad Pitt was a total insane on the movie

I know you may also have some (sad) stories, but I think the lunacy of good human being for being weak on the wickedness of this world is very touching to me. Whenever I heard some bad news over TV/radio, I always greet it with a grieving heart and with clenched fist. News about aborted babies, children being raped or traded for sex, families fighting or killing each other over inheritance, poor people abused by rich people, ignorant people being used by the "educated" class of society, etc etc etc.

A good, honest human being cannot just accept these wickedness without being crazy. Faith can help people out from a mental hospital. Knowing that God allow these things to test people and be justified for the judgment that will be handed down on the day of judgment can comfort us. Even the thought of that GOD let His Son to be crucified to show His love to the world is comforting enough. (John 3:16)

"...These times are sent to try men's soul,
But something's wrong with all you see.
You! You take it on all yourself!
Remember, misery loves company"

James Hetfield
of Metallica
(My Friend Of Misery)

Most of the time, poor people are the victims of lunacy. Why? Poor people don't have any or even know about anger management. They just take life the way as it is and sometimes hide it under a false smile. Poor people don't have mp3 players / home theater to temporarily enjoy themselves when they feel stressed. Poor people don't have Psychiatrist to conform their problems with. Poor people have more things in life to worry to than the rich ones. Poor people have poor health. Poor Filipino families share an instant noodle (fortified with nutrients-as advertised) for their lunch. Poor health and Hunger can be a factor on becoming crazy person.

Last Year (2006), I think a record high was reached on the number of poor Filipino folks (out of their desperation in life) climb high rise billboard ads and threatening everyone that they will commit suicide and will jump into their death. Some of the demands of these folks are just enough money to pay for bus fares for them to return to their provinces because they already miss their families. A lot of 'probincianos' leave their provinces and move here in Metro Manila in hoping for a better life here in the city. Filipinos are happy funny loving people. It's just sometimes, depression are way too much to bear that they tend to do something unthinkable.

Filipinos are rated as one of the happiest people on earth. Probably a way to cope up or cover their daily miseries. Filipinos tend to look at the brighter side of life. But if misery is way too much on a Filipino's head, an adage will come into place,

"MISERY LOVES COMPANY". The company of misery will be LUNACY.


Year 2002, I was on a bus with a television when a hostage drama was shown on an early evening news show. It appears that a crazy man Diomedes Talbo is holding a ice pick poking four-year-old boy Dexter Balala's neck on a bus terminal on Pasay City, Philippines. It is trully a shocking scene. The child continually crying probably he's already aware about the stranger who is about to kill him or probably the child is already missing and looking for his mother. The story was, the child and his mother are waiting on that afternoon on a bus terminal waiting for their bus to depart when suddenly the crazy Diomedes Talbo snatched the kid from the mother's arms and started the hostage drama.

A very disturbing picture of a Frayed End of Sanity

During the (very poor) hostage negotiation made by the Pasay City Police, it appeared that the Diomedes Talbo has some mental problems (drug-related? I don't know and I can't remember). He demanded on talking to some politicians and personalities. He started bursting out his frustrations in life such as low-income, and then having no job, problem with his wife, etc. The hostage ended as a tragic. After a 2 hour-long hostage drama, Diomedes Talbo started stabbing the ice pick on Dexter Balala's little body. (wahhhhhhhh!!!!!!) the scene is really way too much for me. It was caught entirely with television cameras.

Adding to this infamous carnage, the police started to open-fire Diomedes Talbo. Postmortem analysis shows that even the 4 year old innocent body of Dexter Balala sustained gun shot wounds. (oh man, my fingers are starting to shake while typing on my keyboard). Both Diomedes Talbo and Dexter Balala died on that nationwide-telecast hostage drama.

Look at how depression can turn into a disease that lead to lunacy.
Poor Diomedes Talbo, a victim of misery.
Poor Dexter Balala, a victim of someone's lunacy.


If only rich people were able to share some of their blessings to the poor ones.
If only politicians were really public servants to the needy ones.
The world today is now populated mainly by the wicked ones.
The earth is given into the hand of the wicked -Job 9:24
Christians' burden are getting heavier everyday.
It's a good thing to have faith in your pocket and in your heart.

About some good men being sucked up into the vacuum of wickedness and/or insanity, a passage of Jon Bon Jovi's song titled "Santa Fe" from the soundtrack of the Young Guns II, has always been a thunder inside my ear and mind. The lyrics is great in addition to Jon's powerful rock voice. Lighten up your lighters, Close your eyes, put your hands on the air and let's start screaming...

And I blame this world for making A good man evil!
It's this world that can drive a good man mad!
And it's this world that turns a killer into a hero!
Well I blame this world for making A good man bad!

Jon Bon Jovi

(Santa Fe from the soundtrack of Young Guns II)

In Lunacy or insanity, you can plead it to the court that you're insane when you committed a crime and then you will be scott free (Adverb: Free from harm or penalty) from punishment. There's even a temporary insanity excuse that can be used as an alibi. But stupidity, it is just being stupid. You can be insane with your misery, but being stupid is not even an excuse to me.


Last March 28, Armando Ducat Jr., a daycare center owner in Manila held a hostage of 26 school children inside a bus on their way to a field trip. He was armed with a grenade, an UZI and .45 caliber pistol. He instructed the bus driver to make a stop in front of the Manila City Hall probably to get even more attention. Jun Ducat was a well known philanthropist to his community.Mothers of the children he hostaged was shocked with the news but had a belief that Jun Ducat does not have the nerve to hurt or kill the children.

During the hostage negotiation, Jun Ducat demanded a sound system for him to announce his grievances.

His announcements were as follows...

“Aren’t we ashamed of ourselves? We are a country who believes in God and yet we are ungodly in our actions,” he said.

"I am appealing to you to give me a chance to speak. You are witnesses to the political dynasties, the rampant stealing in government. Because of this, our dream of progress for the country will not be realized,” Jun Ducat said.

Jun Ducat also demanded education support and a proper housing for the children and their families.

While the hostage drama was occuring that day, I was on the office reading online news web site for any update. I've informed my officemates about it. Someone answered me, "Jun Ducat is crazy for hostaging the children". I answered him, "No, he was even more crazy for hoping that the political system here in the Philippines will change because of his actions (the hostage-taking)."

Jun Ducat attacked the political dynasties while the hostage taking is occuring while at the same time, family members of the (TRAPOS) traditional politicians are on their way to comelec offices all over the Philippines to file their certificate of candidacy. Even at the time of Jun Ducat's surrender, politicians have used the free advertisement by getting involved with the arrest. A politician even gave each of the 26 school children 500 pesos each.

On the next morning, while Jun Ducat was caressing the cold steel bars of jail, the President herself had a photo session with the children he hostaged the previous day. Please note that relatives of the Philippines president were also running for different public offices. Thus, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is included on the lamentations of Jun Ducat about political dynasty.

Was Jun Ducat crazy for taking hostage of 26 school children for a hope of change in the Philippine political system? No, he was not crazy. He was stupid. He have good intentions, but Stupidity can not be justified by Arrogance.

I really wish that I can find an english song that fit to this blogpost but I can't really find any other song other than a tagalog song titled "Sino ang Baliw" by Basil Valdez. The lyrics of the song is really cool. I opted not to translate the song from tagalog to english. The song was also covered by a great rap metal band Erectus. Please try listening to both of the songs.

Sino ang Baliw
Basil Valdez

Ang natutuwang baliw, yaman ay pinagyabang
dahil ari niya raw, ang araw pati ang buwan
May isang sa yaman ay, salapi ang hinihigan
ngunit ang gintong baul, panay kasalanan ang laman

Sinasambit ng baliw, awit na walang laman
ulo mo'y maiiling, tatawagin mong hangal
May isang hindi baliw, iba ang awit na alam
Buong araw magdasal, sinungaling rin naman

Sinong dakila? Sino ang tunay na baliw?
Sinong mapalad? Sinong tumatawag ng habag?
Yaong bang sinilang, na ang pag-iisip hindi lubos?
O husto ang isip, Ngunit sa pag-ibig ay kapos

Ang kanyang tanging suot, ay sira-sirang damit
Na nakikiramay sa isip niyang punit-punit
May binata ang gayak, ay diamante at hiyas
Ngunit oras maghubad, kulay ahas ang balat

Sinong dakila? Sino ang tunay na baliw?
Sinong mapalad? Sinong tumatawag ng habag?
Yaong bang sinilang, na ang pag-iisip hindi lubos?
O husto ang isip, Ngunit sa pag-ibig ay kapos

Sa kanyang kilos at galaw, tayo ay naaaliw
Sa ating mga mata, isa lamang siyang baliw
Ngunit, kung tayo ay, hahatulang sabay
Sa mata ng Maykapal, siya'y higit na banal

Sinong dakila? Sino ang tunay na baliw?
Sinong mapalad? Sinong tumatawag ng habag?
Yaong bang sinilang, na ang pag-iisip hindi lubos?
O husto ang isip

Kaya't sino, sino, sino, sino nga
Sino nga ba, Sino Sino ba,
Sino nga ba ang tunay na baliw?


elman said...

misery, lunacy, stupidity. I like the style, I got the point. well blended articles and it really bothers me why I am living in this kind of world!!!

josepherdon said...

a good list of political dynasty in the Philippines. Family business? http://www.endpoliticaldynasty.com/who.html

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