Dimebag Darrell

Dimebag Darrell is the BEST thrash metal guitarist to ever surface on the face of this planet. He single handedly took the guitar shredding task of the super thrash metal monster band Pantera. His death had really shocked the metal kingdom that even the legendary rock stars cannot feel but sad on his death. He was known with his technical guitar ability, powerful presence on the stage and down-to-earth attitude.

Having banned on all Texas guitar-shredding contest, (because he already won them all) Dimebag had made a legend on his early young career. When Megadeth was looking for a guitarist prior to the Megadeth's (1988) Rust In Peace album recording, Dave Mustaine have hired Dimebag after he auditioned for the vacant spot of lead guitarist. Dimebag demanded that he was not going to join Megadeth if Dimebag's brother(Vinnie Paul) will not be the drummer of Megadeth. By that time, Megadeth (Dave Mustaine + Dave Ellefson) have already hired their new drummer (Nick Menza) so Dave Mustaine can't give in to Dimebag's demand. Megadeth ended up hiring Marty Friedman as Megadeth's lead guitarist. How sweet of Dimebag considering his brother on his music career!!!

The Abbott brothers (elder brother Vinnie Paul and younger brother Dimebag Darrell) started to form the band Pantera with Terry Glaze as the vocalist and Rex as their bassist). Pantera had a problem with Terrence Glaze so they replaced him with Philip Anselmo. and then the Snow ball started to roll...

Pantera released their first studio album titled "Cowboys From Hell". Dimebag Darrell was still using the stage name Diamond (after his guitar hero Ace Frehley of Kiss). Dimebag change his name from Diamond to Dimebag with the release of their second album. Their first album "Cowboys From Hell" features a high-treble guitar sounds of Dimebag Darrell and operatic high palseto voice of Phil Anselmo. The album was a full-scale thrash with worth noticing fast guitar riffs by Darrell. Classic Pantera songs was included on their 1st album, songs such as Cowboys from Hell, Domination and Cemetery Gates. Metal Magazines started to notice this metal band from Texas but they see ain't nothing yet.

After breaking the barriers of the norm that a rock/metal band in order to succeed should come from Hollywood L.A. (e.g.Guns N Roses, Slayer) or San Francisco (Metallica, Megadeth), the Texas-based metal band Pantera released their second album Vulgar Display Of Power. The album was more heavier than their first album. Slower metal songs were a commercial success and their fans are starting to attend their concerts in droves. Mouth for war, Walk and F*cking Hostile were a well-known Pantera songs from the album. After I bought the Cowboys From Hell and then the Vulgar Display Of Power cassette tape, I believed by then that Pantera is the next BIG thing in metal Music.

Pantera did not turned me down. Pantera released their third album Far Beyond Driven. Pantera went back to their root and released an album with a full blown-thrash metal songs. I really liked the album. My favorite is "Shedding Skin". The album also includes a Black Sabbath cover song "Planet Caravan". Before Pantera released the Far Beyond Driven album, a compilation of songs that are tribute to Black Sabbath is getting produced. Metal bands such as Megadeth, Biohazard, White Zombie, Sepultura, Faith No More, Ugly Kid Joe and other big bands covered their Black Sabbath songs. The Nativity In Black tribute album was released and it was the best tribute album ever made. Makers of the compilation album decided not to include Pantera on the 1st tribute album but later, Pantera was added to the second tribute album to Black Sabbath. But inspite that Pantera was not included on the NIB album, Pantera included the Planet Caravan song to their Far Beyond Driven album.

With the Far Beyond Driven album, it appears that Pantera was at the peak of their career and metal form. Pantera reached billboard charts. They toured all over US and other locations and meeting some of their metal heroes. Dimebag seems to appear almost all guitar magazines. Dimebag was also a column writer on Guitar World magazine. Dimebag has also a long list of product endorsements like guitar.

Their 4th album, The Great Southern Trendkill was quite less impressive. It seems Pantera is resting with their exhaustive touring and laid down a little bit. It was the same time that Metal music is starting to cool down. It was the same time that Metallica cut their hair and Megadeth rested on their metal laurels. It was the time that the cursed, damned KORN and Limp Bizkit are professing that they are the metal's next big thing. NU metal bands are just posers, wannabes to try to become their idols.

Pantera released the album Reinventing The Steel. The album was great but the metal scene is already burried by the rise of NU metal bands, Metallica released Load and Re-Load albums, Megadeth have slowed downed and other factors that lead the Reinventing the Steel album was not that noticable compared to their previous albums. In addition to external factors, Pantera have a different beast to wrestle on their own. Drug Abuse.

Phil Anselmo's drug problem is starting to hurt Pantera. Like other bands, Pantera faced drug problems no thanks to Phil Anselmo. Pantera started to have a feud with Anselmo's drug problem. On one interview, Dimebag states that

...I tried to get through to him (Anselmo) and help, because I truly love the dude, but it's impossible to connect with someone that heavily medicated, and that's when I became the enemy in his mind.

Phil Anselmo insisted on starting a new side-project band called supernatural joint. He also started to verbally attack Dimebag and Vinne Paul on the Metal press. Phil Anselmo left Pantera. With all the power they could use, Vinnie and Dimebag really want to keep Pantera and pursuing Anselmo to return but to no avail. With drug stuffs clotted on Anselmo's brain, it appears that it was impossible to pull back the drug-addicted Anselmo to Pantera.

Dimebag and Vinnie formed DamagePlan. While on their support tour for their album, Dimebag was shot pointblank by a schizoprenic Nathan Gale. Because of his ignorance, Nathan blame Dimebag for Pantera's breakup. Nathan pulled off a gun and shoot Dimebag while Dimebag is performing on stage.

Dimebag was killed. Nathan was shot to death by a policeman. Incidentally, December 8, Dimebag was killed on the same date that legendary John Lennon was killed also by a fan.

Rock stars have condemned the unnecessary death of Dimebag and a call for an investigation was raised on how a fan was able to sneak-in a gun inside a concert hall. The family had thought on suing the concert promoter.

Dimebag Darrell fans all over the world mourned unto his death (including me). Vinnie Paul was left alone. A video was released showing Phil Anselmo was crying about the death of Dimebag. Phil Anselmo was not allowed to join the funeral rite for Dimebag. I also hated Phil Anselmo. His drug problem was the cause of Pantera's breakup.

Until now, no one have even dared to snatch the guitar throne that Dimebag had left empty. Simply because Dimebag Darrell is the best thrash guitarist of all time. Dimebag will surely be missed. RIP

Revolution Is My Name

68' into the world born
And the Seventies, a breath after the war
Life was confusing because of my age
Should my eyes open for tomorrow's gains?
I can't help the way I am
There's no trust and there's no end
What is my name?

It will never change
So here it stays
Forever is my name

From now on, can't look the other way
Keep in mind and listen to what I say
Take under wing all the ones who are lost
Build up around them an infinite wall
Don't you know just who I am?
Take the hand of wisdom's friend
What is my name?


It's time to change
It can't stay the same
Revolution is my name
It will never change
So here it stays
Forever is my name

What is my name? (x4)


What is my name? (x4)


(2nd Chorus)

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