Geeks and Nerds

"Be nice to nerds. You may end up working for them." - Charles J. Sykes

These are just my observation and perspective difference and similarities about geeks and nerds. Don't take my comments seriously though I tried it to be accurate and funny as best as I can. I'm an IT professional and I guess the enumerated characteristics fits well to all the office prisoners like me out there Enjoy!!!

Steve Jobs is a geek
Bill Gates is a nerd

geeks are street smart
nerds are book smart

geeks love wearing casual wear to office
nerds love wearing formal wear to office

nerds love reading books
geeks love looking for pictures on books

geeks do not read manuals
nerds read manuals

geeks have more friends
nerds have less friends

geeks have high self-esteem
nerds have low self-esteem

geeks love telling jokes
nerds love hearing jokes

nerds sit in front of the classroom
geeks sit at the back of the classroom

nerds watch 'The Flintstones'
geeks watch 'The Simpsons'

geeks love sports
nerds hates sports

Batman is a geek (Bruce Wayne)
Superman is a nerd (Clark Kent)

nerds love to work on normal time to office
geeks love to work on flexi time to office

nerds love coffee
geeks love cola

geeks hate hangging out with nerds
nerds love hangging out with geeks

nerds love office meetings
geeks hate office meetings

geeks love company outings
nerds hate company outings

geeks got more girls than nerds
nerds are shy to girls

nerds can turn to be a geek
geeks cannot turn to be a nerd

both nerds and geeks don't smoke

both geeks and nerds do not like violence

both geeks and nerds are happy loving people

both nerds and geeks love their mothers

both nerds and geeks love
rock music

(Wayne's World 1 & 2)
Wayne Campbell (at the left) is a geek
Garth Algar (at the right) is a nerd

I really believe that geeks and nerds love rock music. Rock music has really intelligent lyrics and most of the time have complex musical arrangements compared to other music genre. The lyrical topics are almost about everything under the sun. It is not limited about love and frustration like pop music. A recent study shows that bright teenagers listen to rock music as opposed to previous perceptions that bright students listen to classical music. Even Rock stars have an impressive scholastic records just like Brian May (Queen) who is currently finishing a doctorate in astrophysics and Bruce Dickinson (of Iron Maiden) who is a history graduate, international fencer and qualified commercial pilot.

'Heavy Metal soothes teens',,2-1225-1243_2086906,00.html


Baladev said...

your geeks and nerds are funny... i consider myself as a nerd although i have some geek traits... :D

Twinky said...

I have 7 Reasons On Why You Should Date A Geek, and all those reasons agree with the statement that geeks really do get a lot of girls! They are so adorable!

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