About My Language

"Speak to me in a language I can hear..." Thirty-Three by The Smashing Pumpkins

Tagalog (Filipino dialect) is my native tongue. I want to speak my mind to be heard by more people. I want to reach more people about what my heart contents. This blog contains both tagalog and mostly english songs/rants. I'm not that profficient in english so please bear with my english skills. I usually write my blogs using the memo pad of my Palm TX (when I'm on the road) and Notepad (when I'm on the office or at home). Then, I will edit upload it directly to the blogspot.com without checking the grammar or spelling using Word Processor such MS Word. I'm a big fan of Notepad2. If you feel I have a wrong grammar or spelling on a particular blogpost, feel free to leave a message on my shoutbox. I found the one-liner quote of Ralph Wiggum (the Simpsons) really funny and appropriate about speaking in english.

"Me Fail English, That's Unpossible"

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