State U

Yano is one of my favorite local band in the Philippines because of their lyrical content on their songs. Yano is from University of the Philippines, a famous state university in the Philippines. In this song (State U), Yano is somehow attacking the government for giving a little budget for education and for the plan of privitization of UP. The song also mention rich students entering State Universities. (parami na ng parami, de-kotseng estudyante, sa State University)

I'm with Yano with their stand here. State University was created for poor students of the country. They have no other choice unlike these rich students because even without State Universities, they can enroll with other exclusive schools. Rich students enrolling to State U, triggered the school administration to raise enrollment fees which poor students can't afford. These rich ones may say that it is their taxes that were being used in these state universities. Yes, it is your taxes, but there are things that it is not appropriate.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should"

Look at the government hospitals where poor ones just lie around the floor to get treated by doctors. While the rich ones and including government officials (spearheaded by the President) get treated by better private hospitals. Why these Public officials run to Private hospitals and not to the government hospitals? Poor folks treated to low-cost hospitals while the President enjoying Presidential suite in private hospital. I suggest you sometimes visit government hospitals for you to get my point here.

More government budget on Education.
More government budget on Health.
and we want more songs from Dong Abay!!!

State U

Parami na ng parami, de-kotseng estudyante, sa State University(4x)
Walang Efficiency, mga government employee, sa State University(4x)
Antik na laboratory, bulok na facility, sa State University(4x)

Administration policy, itaas ang tuition fee, pati na rin ang dorm fee
Bakit walang nag-rarally? Demolition, Private corporation.
Barat na allocation, sa education, commercialization, colonialization, privatization, kawawang oblation.

sa State University(2x)
sa State University(8x)
State U, Hate U (2x)
sa State University(8x)

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