Sa Dios Lamang

This is one of the classic local songs here in the Philippines that really have haunting meaning that after listening to this song will make you say that this one really hit the heart. It's a song that can be treated as a hidden treasure. I really love it. I'm still not that old and Sampaguita were popular I think even when I was not born yet during the mid-70's. I don't know if this particular song had hit the charts by then but certainly this song hit my ear and heart. The guitars and drums have basically a slow tempo because the song is actually a love song with a different twist. I really like the drum beat of it. The lyrics of the song can be clearly heard, every line of it. Maybe Sampaguita really want the audience to hear their message on this one.

1. A desire for sexual intimacy

The first part of the song is about the love of a person to her opposite sex. How she was worried giving away her love and trust to her special someone and how this love(eros) changed her in many ways but betrayal was given to her in return. She used to just play with her past relationships but when she met the one who she really loved, she changed from playful girl into a more serious and sincere lover but still, she was betrayed by the man she loved.

1. (Christian theology) the love of God or Christ for mankind
2. Selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications
(espicially love that is spiritual in nature)
3. A religious meal shared as a sign of love and fellowship

The second part of the song is basically about a new meaning of love that she discovered after the heartbreak. With the game of love(eros) where everyone were being hurt, betrayal is everywhere and sincerity and loyalty can no lon ger be found, guilty parties realize at the end of the game there will be no winners. NO greater love can be given aside from the love(agape) that God showed to the world. A kind of love that no one will be betrayed. A kind of love that will remain through eternity.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

Sa Dios Lamang

Magmula nang, makilala kita, sinta
Puso ko'y nagbago, isip ko ay naiba

Dati rati, Pag-ibig ay laruan, lamang
Ngayon ay hindi na, kasing-tigas ng bato ang puso ko

Bakit kaya, Oh, Bakit kaya, nangyayari ito?
Kung sino pa ang minamahal mo, siya pa ang hindi, hindi tapat sayo

Dapat lan g kaya, Na ikaw ay masisisi ko, mahal?
Sinabi ko noon sayo, na huwag mo naman akong paglaruan

Kasa lan an ba, kung kita'y mahalin, hirang?
Ang sabi nga sa akin, baka lamang ito'y, pagsisihan sa hulihan

Bakit kaya, Oh, Bakit kaya, nangyayari ito?
Kung sino pa ang minamahal mo, Siya pa ang hindi, hindi tapat sayo

Oh pag-ibig, bakit kay lupit mo, sa tao?
Ngayon ay nakita ko ang tunay na damdamin ng puso ko, naririto

Sa Dios Lamang
Sa Dios Lamang
Pag-ibig na wa lan g hanggan
Sa Dios Lamang
Sa Dios Lamang
Hindi ka masasaktan
Pag-ibig ng Dios Lamang
Sa Dios Lamang
Hindi ka masasaktan
Sa Dios Lamang
Sa Dios Lamang
Pag-ibig na wa lan g hanggan
Sa Dios Lamang


Francis said...

This sampaguita's song is a nice song, the tempo is blues, but the composser of this song is not a Christian but Hindu that praise Krishna and not Christ, you can notice in the last part of the song before it fade away the words "Hare Krishna" and "Hare Rama"

josepherdon said...

Thanks for the info.

My wife also mentioned it to me. My point is ... There is a God.
The song is talking about God.

Instead of doubting the existence of the God, like the atheists do, belief in God is first step to the liberation from the pride of yourself. Acceptance that there is a higher power. We do not die like just a regular street dog.

We have a purpose

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