Next In Line

As far as I can remember during my High School Days, this is one of the first major hit by After Image. It was quite new to me that an english song made by a local band, hit the airwaves. And the song is basically a piano version. Probably because of my eagerness just to be 'accepted' by my highschool friends and be treated as 'cool', I listened to After lmage even I dont understand the message of this song.

Until recently Manila has been experiencing a serious drought for good musicians. REMEMBER: starving artists are better than artists with fame and fortune. I've been digging music during 80s & 90s and noticed this song. Coincidentally, Sis Sandra (our housemate) asked me if I have an mp3 of this song because they(Rizal Region Choir) are going to sing this in a youth gathering. She need to practice it because she has no idea about this song. (Sis Sandra is quite young and probably was still in elementary when this song got popular)

I asked myself, What does this song got to do with a youth event? Oh man! I was very late digesting this song. It should have been my anthem during my youthful days wondering what happens next after my highschool/college graduation. I was more idealistic by then.

The song is about crossing the life of being an innocent youth to a very troubled world. What will happen tomorrow? What does tomorrow can offer me? What Should I Do? What If I made a wrong decision about the path I'm going to take? What are rules of the game of life? So many questions, so many advices. New ones replaces the old. We are the ones who are next in line. Great lyrics. It was sang from the heart. I wish for a reunion of the After Image.

Next In Line
After Image

What has life to offer me when I grow old?
What's there to look forward to beyond the biting cold
'Cause They say it's difficult, yes, stereotypical.

What's there beyond sleep, eat, work in this cruel life
Ain't there nothin' else 'round here but human strife
'Cause they say it's difficult, yes, stereotypical
Gotta be conventional, you can't be so radical.

(So I'll/And) sing this song to all of (my/our) age
For these are the questions we've got to face
For in this cycle that we call life
We are the ones who are next in line
We are next in line.

Gotta be conventional, you can't be so radical.
We are next in line Oh-hoh, we are next in line.

And we gotta work, we gotta feel (we gotta feel)
Let's open our eyes and do whatever it takes
We gotta work, we gotta feel (we gotta feel)
Let's open our eyes, oh-woh.


Sing this song for me Sing this song for me.

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