Mangarap Ka

After Image is such a cool local rock band in the Philippines. Wency Cornejo is better with a rock band than launching his solo career. 'Mangarap Ka' has a very positive message to all the Juan Tamads(lazy Filipinos) out there. Start with a dream and do something about it. Dreamers are for those who sleeps. Rise up. Let your thoughts roam free with new ideas. Have faith, sky is waiting for you.

It is also worth noticing the guitar works of the guitarist of After lmage in this song. The rhythm guitars and the lead during the instrumental is really cool. Did I hear it right? The guitarist also used wah pedal. The bass is also noticable. My apologies if Wency is the only one I knew from the band. I wonder why After image disbanded? hmm.

Mangarap ka
After Image

Simulan mo sa pangarap ang iyong minimithi

At ito'y iyong dalhin
Itanim mo sa puso mo ito ay lalaki
Ikaw rin ang aani.

Hayaan mong lumipad ang isip sa lawak ng langit

Bituiy umaawit at ito'y nagsasabing

Mangarap ka, mangarap ka

Dinggin ang tawag ng iyong dugo
Umahon ka, umahon ka
Mula sa putik ng iyong mundo.

Simulan mo sa pangarap ang iyong minimithi
At ito'y iyong dalhin.

Repeat Refrain & Chorus

Bawat panaginip na taglay ng yong isip

Palayain mo at ilipad tungong langit
Ang iyong tinig ay aawit.

Repeat Refrain except last word


(Oh, woh oh oh?)
Manalig ka, manalig ka
Ang langit ay naghihintay sa'yo


Sonnet's said...

they're back! but chuck isidro no longer plays guitars for them. The new guy on lead is gereon arcai, he's also very good. Nino is still on bass, arnold still on keyboards but rodgie has migrated so they had to bring in a new drummer. His name's gibby viduya.

josepherdon said...

Thanks for the update.
I hope they can live up with their reputation.

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