Blood Stained

Doh! Election fever is already high here in the Philippines. Politicians switching camps/political party. Fading showbiz stars running for office. Even boxer wants to run initially as town mayor now eyeing to become a legislator. Everyone is screaming for unity & change but for their own intentions. Alliances built, alliances broken. Family lncorporated building political dynasties. Etc.etc.etc. Blah.blah.blah.

Once the campaign period starts, politicians will be dancing and singing on the stage as well as blood will start to spill in election-related violence. Showbiz personalities will be used for campaigning and for the entertainment of the voters. After the election ended, it's the voter's turn to beg for the promises made during the campaign. Some losing candidates will not accept defeat and will demand a recount while some bow their heads. lt's an endless cycle.

Religious leaders will be selling their members to politicians thru 'block voting'. A vague border line on the separation of church and the state will reappear but politicians don't care, as well as the 'religious' profiters. (with the analogy of sleeping with a whore is also a whore -1 Cor 6:16) Confusing padded statistics will be presented by these ministers and pastors to enticed the drooling politicians. And to top all these blinding acts, (drum-rolling) the list of candidates will be dictated to church members for them to vote. Disciplinary actions and even expulsion will be given to the members who will not obey to vote the 'holy' list of candidates.

Businessmen will also be involved in this nationwide circus. National Election Day looks like a fiesta is being held in every barangay. Everyone is busy. Small businessmen will be producing election parapernalias while tycons will be donating bulk of monies to the candidates. Here's the catch, there's a possibility that these donors maybe giving donation to both of the administration and opposition parties to ensure the payment of gratitude to whoever who wins. The amount to whom the greater money will be donated will be based on latest surveys. What payment does these businessmen will wait in return for these campaign donations? These may include: lesser tax, customs favor, laws that favors capitalist etc etc etc.

With all these confusion, betrayal of principles and false hopes promised by these traditional politicians, reminds me of Brother Eli Soriano have said to us...

"There's no one can give us better hope than Our Lord Jesus Christ"

Amen to that!

A song was played in my TX while I'm writing this blogpost, it's Bloodstained by Judas Priest (soundtrack of Child's Play 3). Every line fits for these Politicians, Businessmen and Fake Preachers giving bloodstained lies to the ignorant.

Blood Stained
Judas Priest

Made every day

Their sins
They hide
Can never disguise

Blood stained hands
Blood stained times
Blood stained deeds
Blood stained lies

They wage their wars
Such profiteers
Will nail us all

Their crimes
Despicably reveal

Blood stained hands
Blood stained times
Blood stained weapons
Blood stained lies

They fire at will
Intent to kill
They have no conscience
They have no conscience

Ethnic cleansing nothing more!
Blood of nations blood of war

Turn blind eyes
From all your crimes
You bare our souls
Show no remorse
You cannot wash
The bloodstains off

They turn their backs
While others
Commit grisly acts

We're scared
For life
By politicians' greedy

Blood stained hands
Blood stained times
Blood stained weapons
Blood stained crimes
Blood stained lands
Blood stained minds
Blood stained deeds
Blood stained lies

And while such predators
Stalk this earth
Disguised as saints
They kill our faith

Obsessed by greed
Lying through their teeth
They cannot wash
The blood stains off

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