99 Ways To Die

Oh man! I Love This Song!

It sounds fast, It sounds heavy, It sounds Metal with a touch of classic.
Every aspect of the song is so cool. and about the video? hmmm. I Love It.
In fact, the 99 Ways To Die video is one of my favorite metal video.
You should see it!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGJM5RDq0AE

The content of the lyrics is about someone who wants to die with so many (99) ways to choose from but can't get the suicide get done because it is not yet his time (we're not ready to see you yet). The classical-sound guitar before refrain by Marty Friedman blends well with the fast rhythm guitar of Dave Mustaine.

I Love being metal. I Love Megadeth. I Love Dave Mustaine.

About the video, it's very cool. It's somehow indirect connection with the lyrics because the video showed children died/injured thru guns found at their home and schools. The video somehow attacks the peril of having guns inside the house and schools. The band in the video is really great, not to mention Nick Menza standing just to hit the cymbals. Very Cool.

I guarantee, when you hear this song, it will make you jump, scream, run, bang your head because this is so cool!

I was able to catch some of the interesting statistics about gun accidents in the US showed during the video.

Bullets will kill over 5,000 children this year

In America, 250,000 students carry guns to school

Guns kill more children than natural causes


A new handgun is produced every 20 seconds

Everyday 14 children are killed by guns

Guns will injure over 26,000 youths this year

Guns are the leading cause of death for African American teenage males

Every 24 hours, 71 children are injured by guns

Gunshot injuries cost more than $14 billion per year

Guns Suck

70 times more teenagers die from bullets than aids

Guns are the leading method used by teenagers to commit suicide

There are over 200 million privately owned guns in America

Guns kill more children than natural causes

99 Ways To Die
(Music, Lyrics: Dave Mustaine)

If I see the morning hours,
I'll have one more yesterday.
Take life from tomorrow
Cause I've burned out my today.

If I get up to the top I know,
'll just go back downhill.
Gotta' terminal future,
And it's time to write my will.

Down another glass of courage,
And a shot of thorazine.

We're not ready to see you yet,
99 ways to die.
We're not ready to see you yet.

Gotta short between the earphones,
Wringing my hands in dismay.
A more efficient maniac,
With two feet in the grave.

Ain't got no last words to say,
Yellow streak right up my spine.
The gun in my mouth looked real,
And the taste that blew my mind.

In a black tie and straight jacket,
Man I'm gonna try again.

Perhaps a demitasse of arsenic,
Try on this tie,
Nevermind the tree.

There is only death and danger,
In the socket of my eye.
A playground of illusion,
No one plays they only die.

There's a prison in my mind,
And the bars are gonna break.
I'm as mad as a hatter,
And strung out just the same.

Taunting rigor mortis,
I feel it draw me in.

We're not ready (3x)
99 (3x)

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