Thanks God! for my asthma

In the middle of my sleep early this morning, I woke up 3am in the morning not because of my cute baby daughter is crying for milk or change of diaper. It's because I'm having difficulty in breathing. (We don't have an air-conditioning unit because we're not rich.) We're having a cold temperature here in the Philippines during night time. It's typically normal for the tropical country of the Philippines to have a cold weather during January to February because I've heard on a report that it is the same time that the snow from other countries (probably in Japan or China) is starting to melt and the cold wind is flying over here in the Philippines.

The other reason why I am having difficulty of breathing is the fact that I have asthma. The 2 things that trigger my asthma are the cold temperature and dust. So I told my wife that I got to go downstairs and get my Ventolin Inhaler.

I found my Ventolin Inhaler from the bag that I always carry to the office. (I always have my back pack on the way to the office because it contains a lot of things; charger for my Palm TX, jacket, umbrella and my Ventolin Inhaler).

As I take a deep breath before putting the inhaler to my mouth, a thought came to my mind. What Am I doing here in a very early morning? Taking drug to catch my breath. While most of the people around me are asleep, I am here having difficulty catching breath. What If God does not want me to live anymore? "Hey son, that's enough. It's time for you to sleep; I'm taking your life." But no, He allowed me to live again and gave me enough strength to get my Ventolin Inhaler. Other people woke up dead because of heart attack, exploding pancreas and other sickness, others are being killed while they were sleeping, others are involved in a deadly accident while at their sleep, etc, etc, etc.

I thanked God for the opportunity he has given to me (again). Another day, Another Chance. We were created to do good things. Let's not waste the time and opportunity. The topic discussed yesterday (Sunday) by Brother Eli yesterday during our Worship yesterday came to my mind.

Romans 12:7 .. [let us give ourselves] to our ministry...

Maybe God wants to remind me (or everyone reading this blog) that our lives were given by Him and do it wisely for our own sake. Let's not waste it. We should not spend our short lives and money for; watching tele-novelas, traveling around the world spending too much vacation money, buying malicious/pornographic magazines (how dare you to call it an art, it's porno! you pathetic pigs) etc, etc, etc.

I realized that how lucky I am, how lucky are we, members of Church of God. We are called and we are chosen to realized and understand the Love and Word of God thru our preachers Brother Eli and Brother Daniel. Thanks God for everything. Even for this asthma God has given to me, for me to be close to Him and be reminded that we are depended to God even the air I breathe.

I was able to breathe again normally, I have fallen back to sleep. My Wife woke me up holding our cute baby daughter. I whispered, "Thank God, for waking me up again, with my beautiful wife and daughter and giving me another day to serve you". Its 6am, right time to get prepared to go to office. I took baby Jamee to my arms, kiss her, and opened the television, tuned in UNTV37, 'Pilipinas Gising Ka Na Ba' is on, and I've waited for "Biblically Speaking" segment hosted by Brother Eli Soriano for my daily doze of spiritual medicine. It is time to face the world again.

metal up your head
- josepherdon

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