Super Book and Flying House

These cartoons are my stepping stones in learning some bible stories during our elementary school days. Me and my twin brother grew under a catholic household were my mother don't read us bible stories although we have a catechist during our Good Manners and Right Conduct subject (GMRC) in school. Probably my mother thought that it would help us if we join the acolyte/'sakristan' or Knights of the altar.

I can still remember crying while watching the story of Joseph The Dreamer. The touching part were Joseph ordered to place a silver cup on the things of his younger brother Benjamin so Benjamin can be accused of stealing. He didn't allow Benjamin to return to his father to test if his brother already changed. His brother indeed changed, after they sold Joseph to some merchants and told their father that Joseph was eaten by the beast. The brothers of Joseph beg to allow Benjamin to go home because it would break they're father's heart when Benjamin will be jailed for the stolen cup. And then Joseph revealed to his brothers that he is his they're long lost brother. The same brother they sold and have wanted to get lost because of jealousy. They cried and hug each other. and so they lived happily ever after and so on and so forth. I was attached to the cartoons and started watching them.

I was passing thru glorietta on my way home from office last month when I noticed a store with VCD of Flying House and SuperBooks were displayed. I almost salivated after seeing it and decided it to have a complete copy of the whole collection thinking that the same formula on watching biblical stories on cartoons might work the same way with my baby daughter when she grew up. (she's currently 6 months old) I already completed the Flying House series and half-way thru with the Super Book series. I bought 6 vcd yesterday and currently watching the David and Goliath episode.
About kids who accidentally fell a bible in to the computer and then returning them into the Old Testament era. The computer acted as their time machine. Most of the series is about a kid Uriah or Uri looking for his dog lost in the bible times. They also learn different lessons from their journey.

The Flying House
3 kids accidentally entered a house in the middle of a forest while running for shelter when they were caught up in a rain while playing. An accident happened inside the 'time-machine' house where they were transported back in time of the new testament or during the time of Jesus Christ and the apostles. The 52 episodes were about the kids and the professor trying to get back to the present time while meeting Jesus Christ and the apostles. Cool =)

metal up your head
- josepherdon

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