Me, Myself and My Palm

I love my Palm TX. All I need for a gadget can be found with my beloved PDA. By the way, I use 1gb SD card to load MP3 files, (concert) Videos, Wav files, TXt Files, and Pictures (most of them are my baby girl). I used to have a Palm TW.

Palm Tungsten W
Palm TW is a pda with a phone capability. The keyboard of TW is uncomparable. Easy to use. Writing 'paksa' or topics during our 'pagkakatipon' or worship services is easy as abc. TW has quite an old Palm OS 4.0. But with a 320x320 screen, reading bible is enjoyable. I used to have only 2 bible versions using TW, the King James Version and the AngDatingBiblia version. I just loaded 2 bible versions because of limited space and TW has a slow processor. The KJV version was downloaded from the Palm+ bible website while the AngDatingBiblia version was from the ADDQuirino website.

TW has no Multimedia capability. It can't play MP3, Wav files and videos because of the old OS it has and the hardware limitation. But still, I was very contented with it. My relationship with my TW lasted for 3 years until last June 27, 2006.

The story about that tragic night was posted here

"... a tragedy happened to my 3-year-old TungstenW last night.
Maulan kagabi, at tumatakbo ako sa ulan nung mahulog yung TW ko sa tubig as in lubog siya.nung dinampot ko siya dun sa tubig eh naka-ilaw pa siya ng blank white screen, tapos namatay. I was trying to dry off the TW (with a hair blower) at home last night, pero hanggang kaninang umaga eh, ayaw pa ring magbukas... "

In summary, my TW was submerged in the flood while on my way home. It was a terrible night for me. A pda and a phone was lost from me on that night, (ohh, the throe of having an all-in-one gadget) Before the tragedy, I have my TW as my phone and PDA while my wife has Zire72 as her PDA and SE T630 as her phone. I have decided to upgrade to a new PDA and degrade to a 2nd hand phone.

Palm TX
I now have Palm TX as PDA and SE T630 (from my wife) as my phone while my wife has still her Zire72 as PDA and bought a second hand nokia phone from Farmers Cubao. She was not satisfied with the interface of the SE T630 so she decided to give it to me.

I loaded numerous Palm softwares to my Palm TX. TX has an internal memory of 128 mb plus(+) I added it with a 1gb SD Card. Games and other application was downloaded from You maybe asking 'Why Palm, why not Nokia or Windows Mobile OS' ? Well, my answer is, there's a lot of FREE palm softwares compared to other OS.

I can now listen to MP3, watch videos and do more with my PDA. What's more exciting is that I now have 21 different bible versions in my PDA. I also write 'paksa' or topics using the stylus because TX has no built-in keyboard.

TX has also a wider 320x480 screen so reading bible and watching videos are so.... hmmm, great. TX has also a faster processor compared to TW. It also has the new Palm OS5. It also has wifi, but I'm not using it. After the free 2months wifi access that came with the purchase of TX, I didn't subscribe to any wifi connection. Surfing the net with TX is cool at first, but it would be better to browse the web with a full screen monitor compared to the screen of TX.

I used to have a foldable keyboard for Palm but I sold it because of lack of money. =)
But I have no regret about it. What about laptop instead of PDA? PDA is more portable and small compared to laptop. I don't have a need for laptop, for now. I used to work for a company that allow me to take the laptop from office to my home. It was 3 years that I carry the laptop on my backpack. I don't like carrying laptop with a laptop bag to erase any suspicion on me carrying a precious gadget. It may have caused my life.

Whenever Bro Eli says about a wrong translation in the tagalog version of the bible, I immediately update the AngDatingBiblia palm version with a java BibleConverter program. What, a Microsoft Certified Application Developer doing a java work? I don't care. I'm doing bible stuffs, why should I care? =) and besides, I'm not into Java versus .Net here. Every tool that can be use in the service to the Almighty should be used.

Palm products (ex: Treos, lifedrive) are getting left behind or outdated compared to its competitors like Windows Mobile, Nokia and the new iPhone from iPod. I don't care because I think, Tagalog Bible version is only freely available using a Palm pda.

metal up your head
- josepherdon

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