Do Your Best and God Will Do The Rest

It was a sunday morning right after the worship service inside the Locale of Montalban. Most of the brethrens already left while some few were arranging chairs and cleaning the floors. While I'm returning the monoblock chairs I noticed 3 KNC kids drawing some kiddy stuffs (flowers, different shapes, houses) on the blackboard located in the front. The blackboard is where we write our topics and announcements.

I told them:
"Mas very good, kung buburahin nyo na lan g yung sinusulat ninyo at linisin yang board"
-It would be nice, if you will just erase the drawings you made and clean that board

All of the 3 kids started erasing the board with eagerness as if they're racing with each other. I was glad they listened to me and comply with my request with eagerness; such a nice scene. =)

2 KNC kids replied to me:
"Brod, hindi po namin abot yung bandang taas ng blackboard" (dahil maliliit pa nga sila)
-Brod, we can't reach the upper part of the blackboard. (because of their small height)

I replied:
"oks lan g yun, burahin ninyo na lan g yung kaya ninyo, ako na lan g ang magbubura ng hindi ninyo abot"
-"That's ok, just erase the part that you can reach, I will just erase the part that you can't reach"

When suddenly the 3rd KNC kid, pulled a chair, placed the chair in front of the blackboard and started erasing the upper part of the blackboard.

Do Your Best and God Will Do The Rest

Oh Man! This is heavy.
I was completely moved.

Immediately something came to my mind.

This is like our service to the Almighty God.

Our Father gave us commandments or tasks to follow. He knows our limitations as human and circumstances that may hinder our compliance as His servants. But with His Love, He will understand our weakness in following His commandments or orders.

But this is not an excuse on being limited on whatever we do. We can be creative and use our skills to exceed or at least meet the expectation of our God to us. We we're created to do good things.

Just like the KNC Kid who pulled a chair just to follow the tasks given to him, We can also find ways on getting into higher heights and put the Glory To God.

We can do more.

metal up your head
- josepherdon

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